No More Waiting in Lines

Standing in lines is a part of our lives, but it does not have to be that way. Instead of standing in a line, this button maintains our place in a virtual queue and notifies us immediately when it is our turn.

Examples: Restaurants, Event Registrations, Hotel Check-ins


Receive Instant Assistance

Ever roamed the aisles of a store looking for help? Now there is a button to connect us to help instantly without the need to first physically locate a store associate.

Examples:  Supermakets, Home improvement stores, Stadiums


Get Help From Others

Nice people are all around us and many would help if they know what we need. Here is a non-intrusive way to request help, and an easy way for us to help others in need. After we received help make sure we show our appreciation by giving them a Kudo.

Examples:  Hotels, Home improvement stores, Festivals


Gain Attention of Waiters

Flagging down a waiter at a restaurant during busy time can be daunting .  While we can’t make the wait staff work any faster,  this simple feature streamlines the request process so we can get back to enjoying our meal right away.

Examples:  Restaurants, Cafes, Stadiums


Read User Reviews

There are many great apps offering user reviews but it is cumbersome to switch between those apps.  We offer a convenient way to read the reviews from different sources without constant app switching.

Examples:  Tourist attractions, Restaurants, Hotels


Get Relevant Information

Learning about the location you are in just got easier.  We collect and aggregate useful information from different sources are so you don't have to.

Example:  Doctor offices, Corporate offices, Restaurants


"Always There" Concierge

Having access to the hotel concierge while we roam a new city could enhance our travel experience.  This feature allows us to get concierge help even when we are away from the hotel lobby.

Example:  Hotels, Tours, Cruises